Uncanny Valley

The Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania has one very important, indispensable thing going for it – Vassi’s Drive-In. We found it completely by accident. My younger brother and I were kids, and we’d been cooped-up in the car going on thirteen hours on our way home from our annual summer trip to Louisville. We only had […]

Yet Here’s a Spot

This seems like a good time to write about the early days of the United States. When I first started researching my family, I had one clear goal – find a descendant of my grandma who fought in the Revolutionary War. This was around 2012-2013 and my weapon of choice was (U.S. records only). […]

The Woman Builder

Some people loom large well after they’re gone. My great-grandmother is one of those people. “Mama Lil” was a complicated person. Widowed with two young children, she managed to become the first woman real estate developer in Louisville. She died a decade before I was born, but I swear she’s still walking around in the […]

We Have We

Well, we made it to December. I haven’t been ignoring this blog. Rather, I’ve been doing inventory of a massive haul of cool photos that my uncle very kindly scanned for me, and outlining some stories I would like to tell with them. I’m relieved that there’s only about 10 days left in this year. […]


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About Me

Hi, I’m Christine. I’m a writer living in New England with my husband and dog. I started researching my family history in 2013 after I graduated from library school. Putting my training to work, I was able to track almost 400 years of my family’s story. This blog highlights my favorite stories and how I found them.

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